Saturday, July 23, 2016

Seawashed....My Art Studio washed by the sea

"I lay down on the silent shore and pure waters wash over me..."
~Kerrie Sanderson

washed in the white waves of the sea

my shelter 

cultivating peace 

in a pale palette

S e a w a s h e d
Original Fine Art washed by the sea

"I venture forth Onto a sea without a shore And gaze upon Beauty."
Jacopone da Todi 1306

Oyster Shells on tattered cloth

Seawashed Peace Beads
seashells, tattered cloth, sacred medal

 wrapped gifts from the sea

In My Studio
I use my favorite art supplies-
Princeton Brushes
Winsor & Newton Paint
Strathmore Aquarelle Papier & Linen
Archival Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Vintage Brushes
from Fine Art classes I began taking at age 15

Jeanne d Arc Living Metal Clips and Sacred Hearts
French Holy Cards and Seawashed Sacred Statues

Drawing Figurine

Vintage Easel and Art Board
From my University Fine Art Classes
with an Original Sand Dollar Watercolour 

Sacred Statues 
Hand-painted in an ocean worn patina

Jeanne D Arc Living lace and pretties with
Seawashed Rosaries

 Every Spring & Summer I paint Faded Roses... 
This year in Seawater Blue hues.

and NEW this Summer
Watercolour English Roses
I sketched from my Sea Cottage garden with a wash of lavender

"Come out here where the roses have opened.  Let soul and world meet." Rumi

Jeanne d arc Living Papiers

Inspiration floating on a wire

S e a w a s h e d
A r t  S t u d i o
Fine Artist Kerrie Sanderson

Thank you for visiting my Art Studio where the calm of the Pacific resounds. The flowing waters renewing beauty within and bringing forth hidden pearls.  Seawashed...washed by the sea. 

 "Above the sea and seawashed town we dwelt, We twain together, two brief summers, free from heed of hours as light as clouds that melt above the sea." -Unknown

You can see more of my artwork in my etsy shop  
We are having a SUMMER SALE with items marked down as low as 50%

Currently I am flowing in watercolour... painting roses in preparation for a Fine Art Show this Autumn.  I will have five paintings on display (and available to purchase) for the months of November and December.  A sixth painting will be up for auction.  I look forward to gathering with the art community during the holidays.  If you are in the area, I hope that you will join us.  There will be an Art Reception on the first Saturday of each month.  

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"a whisper of a psalm drifts through the air."
washed by the sea